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Charlotte, NC Sponsors and Donors Invest In Matthew 5:14 Billboard and Web Campaign

August 2010

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The Vision

Our vision that we have been stewarded with is quite simply this; these are challenging and uncertain times for most Americans. Many people are hurting and/or scared. A number of us are living paycheck to paycheck or even day to day. People and institutions we thought we could put our hope and trust in may have disappointed us. Our future is uncertain. With all the changes happening, who, what or where can we put our hope in?

The answer we believe is to not put our trust and hope in any man or woman, but rather our Creator, the one who made man and woman, formed this planet we call home, and who is eternal. Through His word, God has provided wisdom, encouragement and hope for people of many nations for thousands of years. That same word that provided inspiration, hope and encouragement to America's founding fathers in their times of darkness is the exact same unchanging and powerful Word that can provide us with what we need in our times of searching, disappointment, disillusionment, or discouragement.

Today, our nation right now more than ever needs "Cities on a Hill" that as illustrated in Matthew 5:14 are shining lights of hope piercing through the darkness of despair and uncertainty. Communities that understand foundational to the beginning of their healing, restoration, well being and prosperity is having the hand of God favor them once more. Imagine what God could do to a community that honors Him publicly. Could He, would He bless local entrepreneurs with new ideas that created new products, that created new companies, that created new jobs, that resulted in increased demand for employees, services, and housing?

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